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Dr. Rushabh Shah- DNB

Dr. Rushabh Shah is a budding Ophthalmic Surgeon, squints is his specialty as well as Cataracts. He is trained from the famed Arvind Eye Hospitals and currently freelances in the city of Mumbai. He is attached to many hospitals in Mumbai. His clinic is located at Kailas Darshan building, Nanachowk, Mumbai. He has observed and trained with Dr David Hunter- Boston Childrens Hospital, Harvard University, Boston And with Dr David Guyton at Wilmer Eye Institute at The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA Dr Shah is well versed in dealing with all kinds of squints- complicated and simple; adults and children. He is also expert in management of pediatric cataracts . He has performed a huge volume of catarcact surgeries including phacoemulsifications ,small incision cataract surgery and extra capsular cataract extractions. He has also several mega eyecamps to his credit and regularly is involved in community outreach activities.
022 4939 2222